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MoneyGram Agent: Become an Agent

Joining the Moneygram network comes with great benefits

  Opportunity to
increased traffic and revenue
  • Attract a new group of customers
  • Offer a service that complements your existing ones
  • Add MoneyGram commissions to your revenues
Global network and brand
  • Join a leading global remittance company
  • Connect to 347,000 agent locations
  • Link to 200 countries and territories
Ongoing support
  • Training, point of sale materials, and software
  • Leading technology combined with a 24-hour Call Centre
  • Ongoing marketing support to increase customer traffic and sales
Regulatory compliance
  • Strong focus on money laundering and fraud prevention
  • Support with reporting and record-keeping obligations
  • Quality assurance for customers at all times

Become a MoneyGram Agent today and join the network of leading global payment service agents. Similar to buying a franchise, becoming a MoneyGram Agent is an opportunity to own or continue to grow your business. As an agent, you will be able to provide MoneyGram's trusted money wiring services in addition to your current business offerings. This service addition can increase your business's customer traffic and ultimately increase your income. Learn more about the great benefits of becoming a MoneyGram agent for your community.

Want to become a MoneyGram agent?

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