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MoneyGram Rewards

What is MoneyGram Rewards?

With MoneyGram Rewards, you get rewards for what you already do. The more often you send, the more you can save. MoneyGram Rewards automatically keeps track of your Eligible Money Transfers*. Simply use your card when you send money and watch the discounts add up. As a Rewards member, you'll also receive special promotions, which means extra benefits just for being a Member.

Rewards members enjoy:

Speed - The faster, easier way to send money.

  • Less paperwork means a faster transaction process because
    all your information is securely stored in our system.

Control - Know when your money is received.

  • Sign up for Receive Notices to instantly know when your money is picked up.

Online money tracking - quickly see who you sent to, when, and how much

The next time you send money all you need to do is bring your new card to any of the thousands of MoneyGram agent locations in Canada. When you do, you'll enjoy the convenience of a faster transaction process!

See Rewards program rules

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Have questions? Visit our FAQ page and select the MoneyGram Rewards basics or the MoneyGram Rewards - receive notice.